Are you ready to Reignite New Beginnings of Love and Healing in your Relationships?

Legacy Moments

Being intentional to Restore Your Relationships, Family, Marriage & Legacy


The Heart of a Good Thing

Can you imagine who you would be if who you were created to be was never interrupted?

Have you ever wondered...

Why the reality of relationship and marriage seem to be more challenged today?

Or why the destructive patterns of the past seem to be the normal that we live today?

Do you just wish that some of those cultural negatives, and stuff from your past didn't just keep showing up in your relationship???

Do you long for more... more of what you deeply desire in relationship - More of what God intended?

The Heart of a Good Thing is your guide. It will no doubt support you to move beyond the personal and collective destructive patterns of the past to truly Rediscover who you are, in spite of and even because of what you have been through. 

You will be empowered to access the full potential that God has given you through this Heart Check Up, to meaningful New Beginnings as you ReDiscover, ReVive, ReIgnite and ReStore destined Bold Love in your relationships, and ultimately in marriage as God intended. 

Let's do a Heart Check Up - ReDiscover, ReVive, ReIgnite & ReStore a Legacy of Bold Love!