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A Journey of Possibilities!



About six years ago, I was inspired to my first book, Legacy Moments. I was moved by a goal to shift the disconnected generational reality that I saw, so often, at the heart of present relationship injuries and destructive patterns. 

Legacy Moments became a practical tool to support individuals and families in correcting this generational gap, by intentionally rethinking and recording a God-given legacy and providing a clear path for generations to come. 

One year later, together with a phenomenal team, we began what we called a dialogue-to-action conference - “The Restoration of Fatherhood.” When I initially received what I believe was a God-instruction to begin hosting such a gathering, I must admit that I questioned my capacity. I said to myself, actually to God, "But I'm a woman." I saw my own limitations, but I said “Yes,” anyway. 

Far beyond my imagination, five years later and from one brave “It is possible,” The Restoration of Fatherhood became an incredible place of restoring honour and affirmation to so many men, women, and families. As a collective, men embraced a sense of safety in being vulnerable and built up, as we hailed them for who they were, rather than focus on or bash them for what they lacked. Women collectively moved beyond a place of just a dream to an increasingly secure place of being covered by the men in their lives. This was a God move by far.

The Next Step forward

So as my heart was again stirred to write The Heart of a Good Thing, I said, “Yes!” Without focusing on any limitation that came to mind, I now saw something wonderful. There was a confident echo inside of me that said, “It is possible.” 

The Connection - Then and Now

It was only then, and after I initiated the process of writing The Heart of a Good Thing, that I was allowed to see that all along The Restoration of Fatherhood was precisely initiated by God as a foundation and key to The Heart of a Good Thing. Right... first things first. 

As we continue on this journey together, I hold to the truth that restoring bold love in relationship is indeed possible. I have seen how this intentional belief and ongoing action have literally changed the negative trajectory of destructive patterns, proving again and again that beyond the deepest pains of the past, it is possible to restore the heart  and the heart of every destined relationship through love. 

I am deeply convinced that far beyond what we could imagine, you and I have the depth of strength and resilience needed to open up such doors of possibilities to love as God intended. 

The Heart of a Good Thing will now empower men and women; fathers, mothers and the wider community to live in relationship with self, others, and, ultimately, in marriage from a place of possibilities and full potential, as God intended. 

One person at a time, one marriage at a time, on step at a time, restoration, and greater new beginnings, is possible. 

One Moment at a Time. One Person at a Time. It is Possible!