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Legacy Moments

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Legacy Moments - The Book

Meaningful memories will always surpass material gains Proverbs 8:10-11; Mark 8:36


Legacy Moments is an essential generational gift. It is a gift of  identity, blessings, values, meaningful stories, life principles, and  instructions. 

Legacy Moments is meant to carry the wisdom that God has deposited in you for generations now and generations to come.   

Legacy does not happen by chance; it must be established with intentional  participation and recorded moments. 

Legacy Moments will support you to intentionally:

  • Transfer love and connection through details, meaningful stories, and affirming moments about your child or loved one.   
  • Bridge generational gaps by sharing what your child, loved ones, and generations to come needs to hear.   
  • Share values that define the core standard of your family and life together.
  • Share important life instructions.
  • Establish declarations and blessings, with the use of  Scripture, about your child or loved one’s unique gifts and purpose both now and in the future.

Wealth Untapped Becomes Poverty

What People are Saying


 I could go on about this book all day. The author calls us to  responsibility, reflection and rejoicing. Life is short, and we should  all spend more time being purposeful. Through her expertise in various  societal roles, the author imparts wisdom in first providing a 360 view  of what legacy is, then fostering the readers’ participation in finding  their own personal definition. The manuscript is invaluable.     Vanessa Correa   Editor, Xulon Press   

Living a life of purpose is severely underrated in modern society.  Challenging the reader to live intentionally, right from the title  pages, is an engaging call to action that adds to the uniqueness of the  book.  Vanessa Correa   Editor, Xulon Press 

Though I’ve always known that there is profound, intangible wealth  within me to be handed down to my children, without possessing the  specific, intentional tools to pass this wealth on, the very idea became  a merely nebulous desire.  The timeliness of Legacy Moments is impeccable. Through the experience  and expertise of Clinical Counsellor, Andrea Boweya, we are given an  exceptional resource that provides the intricate experience of ancestral  wealth for the benefit of our children and loved ones.  As a future mother, I encourage every parent, future parent,  grandparent, leader, mentor and legal guardian to get this book and  utilize it in the building of your legacy. Your generational  transference of this heritage will be completely revolutionized.  Kerri-Ann Haye-Donawa   Writer & Editor  Conclusio Inc. 

I received a working copy of Legacy Moments shortly after my daughter  was born, and now, three years later, I find such joy in cuddling her on  my lap as we go through the pictures, notes and comments that we have  accumulated over this short span of her life.  As someone who lost both parents at a young age, Legacy Moments has  become  more than a journal of special occasions.  It has become a place  to download thoughts, ideas and special moments which were usually  captured only in the heart.  It has become a special place to store  memoirs: a foot print here and a hand print there.  It is a place where I  have made sure that I provide answers to my daughter for the questions I  wished and still wish I could have asked my mother.       

Legacy Moments, is my written legacy to her– where she would find a  record of things that even some close family and friends may not have  knowledge of.  This is a legacy that will someday, armed with the  knowledge of her origin, help her understand who she is, and who she is  to become.  I’m so excited to now pick up a copy of Legacy Moments and create a  similar legacy for my older children.   Jessica Chirambaguwa -Mother 

The author is careful not to exclude readers who may not have children. Her sensitivity can be traced throughout the manuscript.  Vanessa Correa   Editor, Xulon Press