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Legacy Moments

Being intentional to Restore Your Relationships, Family, Marriage & Legacy


Andrea Boweya M.A. RP

Andrea Boweya is a registered psychotherapist and inspirational speaker. She is the author of two life changing books: Legacy Moments and The Heart of a Good Thing. Andrea also deeply values being a wife and a mother.

Andrea has been a psychotherapist for almost twenty years. She is well known and valued for her warmth and relational style.  She has served as a clinician in diverse settings, and has supported many individuals, couples and families during some of the most difficult experiences of life to move towards hope, growth and healing. 


Driven by an overall intention to reignite a healing pathway within individuals, families and the community at large, Andrea began The Restoration of Fatherhood in 2012, a strength-focused, ‘dialogue to action’ movement with a vision: One Moment at a time – One Person at a Time – It is Possible! 

Legacy Moments, her first book is a generational treasure that is designed to support individuals and families to intentionally live, record and share the intangible gift of Legacy as a meaningful gift and roadmap for generations to come.


The Heart of a Good Thing, her most recent book, has been described as ‘a designed solution for restoration’. If you have ever just longed for more... more of what God intended intended in relationship with yourself, others and in marriage, The Heart of a Good Thing is your guide to realizing this as your experience! It is a resource that is sure to support you on a journey towards new beginnings of healing and ultimate Bold Love in your relationship with God, self, others and in marriage. As you engage, you will be guided to move move beyond the often unwitting destructive patterns of history through a five-step process: A Relationship Heart Check-Up to instead Re-Discover again who you truly are, Re-Vive the full potential of your heart, Re-Ignite purposeful passion, and ultimately Re-Store an ongoing pathways of healing and Love. You will be empowered to experience this gift of Bold Love not just as a concept but as your actual lived Legacy in relationships and marriage. One moment at a time. One relationship at a time. It is Possible! 

Andrea truly values each opportunity to serve, and sees every intentional step that is taken on the journey towards hope, growth, healing and Love as the true wealth of a meaningful Legacy.

Your Journey to Hope, Growth & Healing

Everyone has an important voice with a meaningful story to tell. 

You are Important!

Welcome to Counselling Services with Andrea Boweya. Entering into a therapeutic relationship with a professional counsellor reflects a mature commitment toward growth, hope and healing. This process may be significantly helpful both during the everyday journey of life or during particularly difficult times. 

Beginning Counselling with Andrea Boweya M.A. RP

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